Client Testimonials

Savio O. (Canada)

A year ago my life was going right down the spiral. Health problems; my energy was at the lowest, I was feeling very bad, all my bodies systems were shutting down and of course the mind wasn’t going well either. Work problems; winter was coming and I needed all my energy and health back to go through it. I just moved and needed to restart my business. I went through all these medical tests you can imagine to find out what was wrong with me but nope, they didn’t find anything wrong. Then, went to see the naturopath, more tests and update on my food intake and vitamins. Nothing was happening with that either. Then Judit came into my mind. I had some sessions with her in the past for my wellbeing and anyway I had nothing to lose at this point. I contacted Judit and had my first session with her. Right into that first session I felt a shift happening in my energy and body. Life was coming back to me. After a couple sessions I was feeling lighter and a lot better and everything started to improve; health, mindset and work. Then I decided to continue working with Judit regularly for the entire winter as she put me back on my legs not only physically but also mentally guiding me through my physical and mental health and winter work with success. Since then she has become my mentor/coach. Helping and directing me to build a successful new summer business while keeping an eye on my health. It is remarkable what Judit could accomplish through her SRT technique and clairvoyance. She is really connected! Don’t hesitate one moment, and have Judith help you what ever is going on in your life. The results are amazing. Thank you Judit for what you did for me.

Jill M.

Judit does incredible work. Over the years I call her whenever I'm struggling with something and every time she has helped me gain clarity and understanding of the situation and guided me to overcome the situation in a positive and peaceful way. When I first met Judit, I was recovering from a car accident that caused me two years of rehab. After nearly losing my life I was ready to change every aspect of my life that didn't fulfill me completely and live life to my fullest. Despite having a good job as a change and high-performance consultant, and being in a relationship with a pretty good guy, I didn't feel fulfilled back then. In my work with Judit, I've addressed every area of my life that didn't feel 100% awesome. Judit helps you really see a deeper picture of why things are happening to you, which gives you the power to see things differently, and then face things differently.   Since working with Judit I have made adjustments to my career. I now teach brain-based business skills to independent professionals and scrappy high-performing teams who want to unlearn traditional, counterproductive approaches to work and replace them with performance skills that fit with the brains natural rhythms. Developing and teaching my expertise in this area has resulted in me feeling completely fulfilled professionally. Working with Judit has also helped me improve my relationships across the board; including my relationships with my friends, family, and my partner. Which all started, of course, by improving my relationship with myself. If you are unhappy or unfulfilled with an aspect of your life, you are spiritually inclined, but ... you are pragmatist too (Judit's skills are magical, yet she is so down to earth) I encourage you try at least one session with Judit and see what starts to get better for you.

Jacqueline D.

I have been seeing Judit for about 3 plus years now. My first session with Judit was a gift from a friend and I was a bit sceptical. As I finished the almost two-hour session I realized that my soul was so much lighter and it was the first night in years I had slept soundly. Over the years when I notice my vibrations off or my needing guidance I call Judit for a session. Even though she lives out of the country and our sessions are either on Skype or WhatsApp it is still the most amazing relaxing experience. My most recent experience was in November of 2016 while my Father was terminal with cancer. She could use her gift to work with his soul and mine. I had requested Judit to assist in my Father letting go so he was no longer suffering as he was afraid of death. As the hours drew closer for my Father she could help him let go of his fears and cross over to his new journey. She was so powerful that almost 5 minutes after my Father had passed she called to check in on me knowing that his soul had crossed over. I am a strong person who has a balance of reality and spirituality and can say with conviction that Judit can assist in keeping my balance by clearing my past lives and keeping my soul light. Truly fortunate to have her in my life even though she is not near. Thank you Judit!!

Tara K. (Vancouver, BC)

My experiences with Judit have been transformational, spiritual and integrative. I have many interests and this can lead to confusion and wasted energy. I worked with Judit for over three months and the best way to experience the resolution and evolution is with repetition, momentum and support. I can’t see this being the same with one session, in fact the first session made me tired and I know now that was to support new growth. Judit helped me to focus and move kindly towards myself with intentionally loving abundance in mind. Spirituality is essential and Judit has mastered the art of transforming “blindness” to “sight” to cultivate action, confidence and creativity. I see Judit as my guardian angel, holding space for possibilities, positivity and vision….and tapping into the inner energy and essence for personal motivation. It is a wonderful feeling to have someone see all of you…and Judit does this intuitively which is a lost art in a world do focused on logic and reason. She really loves what she does and it is easy to feel loved by her. Judit, I look forward to our continued relationship as a client and as partners in transforming the world to be kind, abundant and connecting.

Felix (Argentina)

It's very nice to know about you Judit. I am always thankful with you; the doors that you help me open let me in beautiful places and a world where all is possible. I wish that health, love, fortune and spirit be with you always my dear friend and teacher!!!


I had never met Judit but we spoke on the phone. She told me that the session would work either in person, by Skype or by phone. I trusted her and it really did work! I felt so much better after I spoke with Judit, I felt that I have been carrying a heavy weigh on my back for years and now I just feel lighter. She guided me through deep philosophical question and brought light to my understanding of why I was always so afraid of being in groups of people, I am no longer afraid. She guided me to understand that the meaning of my life is to learn through love.

Steve (Calgary, AB)

I first attended Judit's class as a retake in April 2012 and then again in Aug 2014. Each occasion had a very positive outcome. I always learned something new from each class and was able to clear myself to much deeper levels. Judit is very intuitive as well. Her clearings are very thorough and I have recommended friends to her over the years for classes and consultation. Every one of them has been very happy with the outcome and insight gained. I'm very glad to have her right here in Toronto as it's very convenient for me to enjoy her classes.

J. McCabe (Toronto, ON)

Thank you once again for an incredible and empowering weekend. It's such a relief to have finally taken advanced SRT! I must confess, I was a little nervous about taking the advanced course because I wondered if I was really good enough to be learning advanced SRT. What's funny, is that I feel SRT is WAY easier now that I've taked the advanced!!! My family don't really know what to think of SRT - but they cannot deny the huge change that has taken place for a family member (that lives with severe manic depression and schizophrenia) since I did the clearing. I see that their minds are now opening. Back to advanced SRT. This class was so much easier than the first, and now I can really see that I am able to use SRT to help others. I also love that clearings takes so much less time then they used to! For me, it was a life changing class. Judit ... thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't know what else to say but please accept my deep gratitude for what you have shown me and all the ways you have helped me!

Randa (Toronto, ON)

A sincere thank you for all that you have done for me now and through the ages. You have had a significant impact on my life and how I view everything and everyone with greater respect and appreciation. You have helped me reach a greater sense of peace and well being. So thank you for sharing yourself and your knowledge with such generosity of spirit! You present everything in a fun, vibrant and super sexy way! I hope you continue to share your gifts with all. You help make the world a better place!

Lucy (Markham, ON)

Judit was welcoming and made me comfortable at each class. As a teacher, she also answers and explain all questions and also have discussions for clarifications. She is quick and concise as a consultant / therapist. As a client, I was able to understand myself and the why in my life through SRT via Judit. Because of SRT, which I found fascinating, I took both the basic and advance courses, and by using SRT, has helped me greatly. Whenever, I need clarity and help, Judit was just a phone call away. Before SRT, I was confused and lost, at my wits end. By having a session and learning srt, I have clarity in my life and happier. I am able to help others. I also had a LBL session with Judit. It was relaxing and comfortable. It allowed me to understand why I have my family, my life, my parents and my siblings. Before SpR, my hands felt and healed, but didn't know how. After learning SpR, I was able to understand why I was able to do healing with my hands. Judit provided the materials for us to understand the body better. My many thanks to Judit for teaching, helping and coaching us. I am truly grateful for her in many ways. I love her and her energy. Truly a gift.


Judit is a thorough, intuitive teacher, immensely knowledgeable in so many aspects. During her classes she ensures the material is delivered in a pace that allows for easy learning and the environment is nurturing and inviting. As the course progresses she ENSURES we understands all concepts and there is time and space allotted for practice and repetition. She takes something that can be seen as overwhelming or difficult and makes it easy to understand and learn. Judit is a natural, generous teacher and her tremendous love for her work filters through in her sessions and classes. Thank you Judit for the services and classes you provide with such integrity.

Jill (Niagara Falls, ON)

What a wonderful experience it was to take both the SRT Basic and Advanced Courses from Judit. Judit is so knowledgeable and connected to the source that I am in awe of her. She ensured that we had an understanding of what/why we were doing and could practice with her guidance, patience and support. The courses left me with more knowledgable and with the ability to work on myself, my family, my friends and clients.

Michael (Phoenix, AZ)

My session with Judit was truly a life changing event. Within a one hour session, I went from feeling lost, hurt and trapped to free, exhilarated and hopeful. The depth and clarity of her gift is one that we are very blessed to be able to experience. I have recommended Judit to several people who have also had profound enlightenment through her gift.

Brad (Phoenix, AZ)

Judit is compassionate and intuitive. She was able to remove the blocks and programs I carried with me so that I could begin to heal and start to grasp the abundance and clarity in this life that is my birthright. Judit is a gifted healer, dedicated to helping others reach their goals and find peace within their soul. It was such a blessing and honor to have her share her gifts.

Irene (Malaysia)

I met Judit in the most magical place on Earth in Peru Nov 2011. From the very moment I saw her I was mesmerized by her energy. She is the embodiment of a protective warrior yet gentle, loving and nurturing. She worked with me and instantly I felt all the positive changes and knew that all is done for highest good for me. She gave me the opportunity to honor my Life Contract by clearing my fears and blockages in my Life. I am so grateful to the Divine for meeting with Judit in this Life time. I truly love the way she is so passionate about her work. Thank you Judit for yet another life changing moment for me.

Glen (Bolton, ON)

I want to let you know that I really enjoyed the workshop! The lessons were well taught and you were prepared. I liked how you had everything ready in advance, with the flip charts and the additional handouts were a nice touch. Thanks for taking the time to answer all of our questions, I learned a lot.

Joleen (Hythe, AB)

Judit's class was such an empowering and liberating experience. Judit creates a loving and peaceful space to learn and practice. She creates a space of allowing where we could each have our own experience with patience. Judit has a wealth of spiritual wisdom which came through her teachings. It was a fabulous weekend!!

Brad (Scottsdale, AZ)

Judit is a beautiful soul. Her compassion to help others find their greatness never waivers. Her intuition and work using SRT to clear past and current life programming and discordant energies has freed me from a lifetime pattern of addiction. Within a very short period of time, with Judit’s assistance, I have quite literally moved from a space of being a day or two away from being homeless, into a space of being free enough to find my greatness! It was clear that I finally had a choice and am now, with great gratitude, moving easily into new ways of being and living. SRT is an amazing healing tool! Thank you Judit!

Patti (Toronto, ON)

Thank you for giving 'ME' back to me. I have so much energy today, and I am feeling very emotionally high, crying, laughing for no reason other than the good feeling I have inside. WOW!!!!, what a difference. Everyone who knows me that hasn't seen me in the last couple of weeks can't believe the change in me physically and emotionally, there has definitely been a huge shift. I feel 30 years younger and apparently I am looking wonderful too – or so everyone is telling me : ) I am reattached to the source, and what a wonderful feeling this is. I have not felt like this since I was a child. Incredible!!!

Margot (Toronto, ON)

I recently had a session with Judit while I was going through a rough patch in my life and after a couple of hours with her clearing me… I was very relaxed and at ease. Later I began to realize that some pretty cool things were happening. I asked specifically for (a part time) job that I wanted and was actually given exactly that. In addition, because I was only working part time, I had the time to bid on the biggest project I had ever done – and got it!!! While I'm still struggling with some weight issues, I feel that at that time I stopped stress eating. Without a doubt Judit is a loving, spiritual, dedicated and generous woman. No one will leave her presence without having felt better for having met her!


I've had the privilege of completing courses with Judit. Taking these courses have made a wonderful, permanent impact in my life, and was an absolute wonderful experience, it's definitely one of the most incredible experiences of my life! You are so great for sharing all of this wonderful knowledge with everyone else, Judit. I would also like to express my sincerest gratitude on behalf of my brother. Thank you for your loving attention and expertise in guiding my brother through the necessary steps when he was going through a hard time. He is doing much better after his clearing. Thank you for being a great teacher and mentor for my brother and me. Many blessings!

Aanya K

You are the most knowledgeable, strong, gifted, credible, spiritual woman I have ever met. Your fun sense of humour takes you right to the top... I kept asking for a mentor in a sense and you came along. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are just so warm, open and fun. A real Dynamo and spiritual dynamite. Vavavavoom!! Most spiritual women I have met and worked with were closed and kinda boring and oh so serious. You have been a tremendous blessing. I appreciate your openness, willingness to share anything of yourself and your expansive knowledge and experience. You are the whole package. A shining example for us younger women who are coming in to our own.


Judit is an incredible spiritual healer and advisor! I have been seeing Judit for regular spiritual clearings for a number of years now. I first went to see Judit because a friend had recommended her. Back then, I did not consider myself particularly 'spiritual', in fact, I thought my life was pretty well together when I first met her. Funny how perspective works. Every single aspect of my life has improved since I started seeing her! I used to resist some of her advice. Now I follow it freely. Judit not only helps smooth paths, she helps you find the best ones! Since I have been seeing her regularly my life continues to get better and better. I have sent many referrals to Judit, and have had many amazing reviews from those I have sent. Thank you Judit for how you have helped me expand the joy and fulfillment in my life. I am grateful our path crossed!
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