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1Who would need a session, and why?
Everybody can benefit from sessions with me, because it helps to understand yourself and what your purpose in life is. The energy healing helps to make life easier with ease and grace and joy, while the knowledge is empowering.
2What do I need to do before a session?
Nothing is required.

That said, if you have specific questions, feel free to prepare them in advance (such as, Who/What/Why/When/Where/How). When you experience your first session, you will learn to ask questions ‘in the moment’, and learn how your questions get answers by Spirits, and how great it is to have them by your side.
3How does a session actually take place?
When we agreed on the time that we will meet up on Skype (or any other free voice chat app, such as WhatsApp), you will call me. After you sit and relax at the start of the call, I will start to connect my spiritual self with yours, asking permission, so we can get the information out of your soul experiences, subconscious memories (akashic record) etc.

I explain what happened with you in the past (usually similar things are still happening with you in the present, because life is supposed to give you a chance to rewrite your past.) What I will tell you will feel true at a soul-level, it’s just that we’re confused sometimes in this current life. At the same time, I clear any negative feelings/energies and replace them with good.
4Am I going to feel any pain or discomfort ?
Not at all. You will actually feel lighter and happier. Sometimes, for some clients, even their existing pain goes away. The bottom line is that in our sessions we will have a lot of fun together.
5What is happening, and what do I need to after a session?
After the first few sessions you will sometimes feel sleepy and go to the bathroom more often. This is because our bodies are removing lots of toxic energy. It will feel good. Sometimes I give "homework" such as being ‘more mindful’, and how to get continued results outside of our time together.
6How many sessions do I need, and how often?
After an introductory session, I would recommend you to take one of my programs that feels right for you. It will help you get on track and stabilize your life. After the program is completed, it’s a great idea to do sessions once a month, and after a year or so, every second month or whenever you feel you need one.

With Life Healing, life becomes better, faster and you will want to have all the benefits that my spirit guides can give you as Spiritual Advisors. This is because they just know better and I can facilitate the knowledge, empowering it into your life. It’s like going to the gym in order to keep your body fit and healthy.

Most of my clients have packages with me, and they just write me what they need. Sometimes we set up a session time and they have all their questions ready for me. Other times they just ask me to raise the energy for the best possible outcome for anything that is coming up in their life. Their life, relationships and business just goes smoothly all these years, so their Soul can learn the most to become a better Soul.
7How do I pay you?
You can use an E-transfer, direct deposit or PayPal to pay my fee.

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