My Life Story

My life is absolute proof that it is possible to move from misery to fulfillment.

In this incarnation of mine I was born into a communist country.

Living in communist Hungary (the reason for my accent), the fear and lies taught me to read between the lines, and taught me a great deal of street-smarts, and survival skills.

Born to be a ‘girl’, I found that label limiting, and I grew into a rebel; ‘What boys can do I can do!’ I was a pretty good athlete. I became a model, which meant I had a ton of expectation on how I should look, not to mention the competition of working in the fashion world. On the plus side I learnt to carry myself with confidence and the power of having a polished look which opened doors for me.

I used to run an Image Consulting and Personal Shopper business in Toronto, Canada. I learnt that outside growth simply does not last without inner growth. Everything starts within.

I had unhappy relationships after leaving the fashion world, and ended up as a single mom. I was driven by a realization that I did not want to end up like my mom who was scared to divorce, scared to change, and ultimately died of cancer (because when we don’t live our truth we can get ill, but not necessarily cancer).

This is why I had to live my Truth, and this urge guided me to find my way to be happy and independent. I made myself an entrepreneur in order to become independent. Throughout my life I had several successful and not so successful businesses, but all gave me lessons to learn what I am proud of.

I always had the trust of the opportunity of new beginnings. I can take the good and leave behind what is not Me anymore. I practiced this, even moving to other countries. It was challenging but what I learned on my journey was that everything I accomplished would never have happened if I had not taken the risk.

But all this time my biggest support was, seeking something beyond, what we know as a Spiritual connection, guidance and knowledge. I started all this with Silva Mind Control, 40 years ago in Hungary. People thought I was “kookoo”. Those days spiritual thinking was not as common as it is today.

The truth is when I was a kid I remember seeing “entities”, like “imaginary friends”.
My intuitive skills started early.

It was normal for me to see the magic around me.

I guess I was born with it, like I think we all are. Just somehow through the domestication process, we seem to lose it. I started to meditate, and my hunger to know more about spirituality and more about Souls was unstoppable. I read books about it, went to retreats, and learnt from the best!

When I had a very difficult emotional time in my life a friend introduced me to Spiritual Response Therapy (also known as SRT). SRT changed my life for the better, and I soon became a certified consultant and a teacher of these (SRT and SpR) techniques. I helped lots of people with this knowledge.

But through my practice I found I needed more than SRT and SpR to get the results I wanted for clients so over the years I have added several other modalities and techniques. I integrated these techniques with what I do with my clients, as this made the most sense.

Ultimately, what I feel most blessed and humbled by was my 11/11/11 (November 11th, 2011) Machu Picchu experience!

During the 11/11/11 Spiritual Ritual performed by Shamans in a sacred place on Machu Picchu, they said that we can ask for what we want in that one minute window, when the Universe has opened up to us.

So I asked to open my Super-Conscious Mind.

All of a sudden I felt like ancient scrolls were falling and piling up on me. I got shocked and asked: ‘What do you want me to do with this?’. Inside a voice shouted at me: “Download it damn it!”. Internally I said “Ok, ok” and I just felt something beyond… the connection to the Truth.

Since I learnt it is possible to download knowledge that is readily available for us, I feel grateful and humbled that I can do it when we have the right energy receiving.

This is how I became ME, this positive human being who lives not always perfect but a pretty good, still growing overall life. The learning never stops.

I feel blessed to do and be an Intuitive Life Consultant, who can help. Helping people is my profession, my Special Niche and my Life Purpose (1000s of my clients benefited already).

Let's discover your Life Purpose together!
I look forward to helping you!

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