I can help you overcome struggles or challenges and create the change required for success from the "Soul level" in your Personal and Professional Life.

My Goal for you with my service is to clear negative energy blocks from your subconscious/conscious, memory starting from your past lives and Soul history (akashic record).

The most reasons for your struggles is not having balance in your 4 levels of personal health:  Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

 You will need to change your life patterns to positive ones, so you can see yourself grow, feeling happy and successful. You will need to turn your life around to live your best, fulfilling life with ease and grace and joy with mindful choices. It is important that you discover your special niche which makes you feel happy to do while you grow towards your life purpose.

I offer clarity, knowledge, and guidance.

For individual professionals who are looking for change, improvement in their business, career or/and define themselves. I help them find and understand their authentic life purpose, special brand, and unique niche. Empowering with guidance, knowledge, and energy management I help my clients find clarity, strength from the "Soul level" to gain harmony, growth and fulfillment in every aspect of their personal and professional life.

Get results in a very short time!

In your sessions you will easily learn how to:


Understand your life lessons

Learn what once happened to you

Understand your present life

Know more about your genetic, and soul family


Develop your special niche, skills

Download knowledge from the universal intelligence

Live mindfully with the power of awareness

Discover and live up, easily to your life purpose


Create balance and peace in your relationships

Learn why and how to forgive

Learn how to manifest what you want

Learn situational meditations

Learn calming mantra meditation

Learn how to manage your energy and think positively

Feel safe and protected


Balance 4 level personal health: physical-mental-emotional-spiritual, chakra alignment

Be in the driver seat in your moving forward life

Choose, trust and make better choices

Be in unconditional love with yourself and others

Gain self esteem, strength, self importance

I truly believe we are not meant to suffer.

It is absolutely possible to balance the Soul learning experience in planet Earth with fulfilling, meaningful experiences, where you’re feeling loved, healthy in your human life.

We all have a special, unique niche and life purpose. Let's find out what is yours!

I look forward to helping you!

  • My session with Judit was truly a life changing event. Within a one hour session, I went from feeling lost, hurt and trapped to free, exhilarated and hopeful. I have recommended Judit to several people who have also had profound enlightenment through her gift.
    Michael (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Thank you for giving ‘ME’ back to me. I have so much energy today, and I am feeling very emotionally high, crying, laughing for no reason other than the good feeling I have inside. WOW!!!!, what a difference.
    Patti (Toronto, ON)
  • You are the most knowledgeable, strong, gifted, credible, spiritual woman I have ever met. Your fun sense of humour takes you right to the top… I kept asking for a mentor in a sense and you came along. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are just so warm, open and fun.
    Aanya K
  • My experiences with Judit have been transformational, spiritual and integrative. I have many interests and this can lead to confusion and wasted energy. I see Judit as my guardian angel, holding space for possibilities, positivity and vision. Tara Kowalski, Renovating Conflict.
    Tara Kowalski, Renovating Conflict

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